Everyday we try to help at least one person, who by no fault of their own, has suffered an injury or injustice that affects their daily lives.  Founded in Chicago in 1986, Lawrence Hyman and Associates has handled a wide variety of serious injury, wrongful death, and other trial cases against corporations, insurance companies, hospitals, medical groups, and government in Illinois and throughout the United States.

Caring deeply about what is fair and what is right is part of the mission of our practice.  The job is more than studying the law and designing winning strategies.  It includes giving personal service and attention to detail.  Our lawyers are committed to providing aggressive advocacy for victims of personal injury from auto accidents, medical mistakes, and defective product designs.  For the attorneys of Lawrence Hyman and Associates, the courtroom gives them the chance to ask other citizens to hold accountable those people, corporations, and government that act irresponsibly.  The firm also argues appellate matters in state and federal courts.

Our law firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards over the past 25 years.  Part of the early years of private practice also involved defending clients in criminal cases.  Our lawyers are still representing clients in high profile criminal matters.  In 2004, Lawrence Hyman appeared before the United States Supreme Court to participate in defending a crucial issue of constitutional law.  Looking to the firm’s future, we believe it is important to continue to provide clients in both catastrophic injuries and other matters with exceptional service and to continue searching every aspect that can help their cases.  It is an emphasis on personal service that sets our firm apart.  Our extensive trial experience and track record of recovery makes us ready to take on your challenge.  Compassion, determination, and success are the trademark for our firm.

Lawrence Hyman and Associates believes you are simply not a number or a file.  Let us prosecute your serious claim with the compassion, determination, and success it deserves.   We are small enough to provide the individual attention your case needs and large enough to fight against the most powerful interests.

Let Lawrence Hyman and Associates be your advocate.  Let Lawrence Hyman and Associates ease your worries.  Let Lawrence Hyman and Associates fight for your rights.  Contact us today to discuss your individual concerns and needs at no charge to you and with the strictest of confidence.